A collaborative platform to deploy regional coastalĀ models.

What is the IOOS Coastal Modeling Cloud Sandbox?

IOOS' Coastal Modeling Cloud Sandbox provides a framework for developing, modifying and running models in the cloud. It provides repeatable configurations, model code and required libraries, input data and analysis of model outputs. The Sandbox supports not only the development of services and models, but also Cloud HPC to run and validate the models. This activity will support and accelerate the development of coupling between ocean models and the National Water Model, aiding in operational coastal forecasting.

Who can use the sandbox?

The Sandbox allows users to run regional coastal models in the cloud, rather than relying on limited on-premises computing resources and other available supercomputers. Users might include the IOOS Regional Associations, universities, students, scientists, and other researchers. However, the sandbox is intended for use across industries and is inclusive to anyone who wants to develop, enhance, and run coastal models.


How to get get involved

The Coastal Modeling Cloud Sandbox is the foundation to a growing community of collaborative researchers and developers. For those interested in participating, feel free to engage with other scientists in our message board or contribute to the code. Click the button below to learn more.